What is Liberty?

Liberty is the technical project behind Librem One๐Ÿ”—. The project is managed by Purism, SPC, and everyone is welcome to contribute.

We follow a user-centered software engineering process led by these user stories...

Primary user story

I am an everyday user without my own infrastructure. I want a single point of trust (account and applications), so that communication from my existing devices is both safe and easy.

Operator user story

I am a well-intentioned sysadmin. I want to host a service on a hostile network (the Internet), so that I can help strangers communicate without compromising their digital civil rights.

Marginalized user story

I am a marginalized person with an opinion. I want to intercept online harassment, so that I can communicate safely with friends and strangers.

Learn more

To sign up for existing services, see

If you've already signed up, you'll find help on the support page๐Ÿ”—, news on the Purism blog๐Ÿ”— and smaller updates when you follow @doublerainbows@librem.one๐Ÿ”—.

Like-minded contributions are welcome. We recommend reading our definitions and scope of work, reviewing our contributions page and then diving in๐Ÿ”—. Project-specific details are provided in the corresponding README.